About Us


The mission of U.S Kids Golf is to help kids have fun learning the lifelong game of golf and to encourage family interaction that builds lasting memories


U.S Kids Golf was started in January, 1997 as a solution to the problem it’s founder, Dan Van Horn had when getting his kids into golf.  His children, ages 3 and 5 were enthusiastic at first but their interest dropped quickly.

“They weren’t having fun” Van Horn recalls “it seemed that they lost interest after only 15 minutes.  At the time, I didn’t know cutoffs and junior clubs were so heavy. They were not only hurting my kids’ swings but also their desire to play.” That’s when Dan Van Horn began developing Ultralight Kidsclubs, designed to be 25% lighter than adult and most junior clubs, and formed the company U.S Kids Golf. Since then, parents and pros across the country and around the world have seen the incredible difference Ultralight and Performance Light Kidsclubs have made in their child’s swing and enthusiasm for the game.


We offer three ranges of U.S. Kids Golf products.


Learning a good grip is most important in developing a smooth, natural swing. Add to this an oversized but extremely lightweight head with a flexible shaft, and you have the perfect club to swing at home or on the range. We call it the Yard Club. With a moulded grip that teaches proper hand placement, oversized head with a pitching wedge loft that helps get the ball in the air and a flexible lightweight shaft that helps develop a proper swing, Yard Club can make learning and developing easier, more fun, and more permanent. Perfect for use in the yard or can be used when training with real golf balls at the range or course.

Designed for beginning players who want a great training club to start. Yard Club can be used in the back yard or on the range while developing basic skill sets.

Offered in 10 sizes, 36″-63


Since 1997, Ultralight has been the industry standard for beginners’ youth golf equipment. While other manufacturers offer a few sizes with a wide range of ages, U.S. Kids Golf offers nine sizes of Ultralight clubs, each specially designed for players within a height range of just three inches. Players develop faster clubhead speeds because these are up to 30 percent lighter than adult clubs. Shaft flexes are built for the specific club lengths, and grips are made to fit the players’ hands. The result of our engineering is a line of equipment that will encourage better swings, more fun, and hopefully, a lifetime enjoying golf.

Designed for players who have played some golf, but need a lighter club to improve club head speed. Basic golf skills are developing such as putting, chipping, and pitching.

Offered in 9 sizes, 39″-63″


When a young golfer is no longer a beginner and needs something better, Tour Series is our answer. Since its introduction in 2007, Tour Series quickly became the number one choice of competitive players, ages 12 and under, at the U.S. Kids Golf World Championship. Why you might ask? Performance. The ball goes farther with more accuracy because the heads are 5% heavier than those in the Ultralight system, and the shafts are stiffer. Tour Series quality is the same as many adult leading brands. Each size is designed and manufactured to provide a perfect fit by customizing every aspect of each club, including length, driver loft, and volume, club head weight, shaft weight, frequency, flex with a low kick point, grip size, and lie angle. Tour Series equipment helps young golfers play their best – that’s why the best players play Tour Series.

Offered in 5 sizes, 51″-66″

Accessories U.S. Kids Golf UK offers a full range of accessories to complement and enhance the junior game.  These include gloves, balls, umbrellas, towels, golf carts and apparel.